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Nor*cal Aftermath
We just started. I found 6 guys that were good and wanted to play and all had heart so we began a team. I knew sum of the players and accually i still dont know sum of them that well but over the time we are a team we will get closer.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Well all great teams need pic gallerys, bios, and a place to go were u can see all the info u need to have.


Captain Brian
Position: All-Around
Marker: B2k2
Experience: 2 years
Past teams: Paint Posse, Twisted Metal

Position: Front
Marker: 2k2 Angel LCD
Age: 14
Experience: 2 years
Past team: Munchkins from Hell, Paint Posse, Twisted Metal

Position: Back
Marker: 2k2 Timmy(soon)
Age: 15
Past Teams: Twisted Metal, Choatic Justice, Team core...
Experience: 3 years

Position: Back
Marker: Angel speed, Classic timmy
Age: 13
Experience: 2 years
Past Team: None

Position: Front
Marker: Freak Factory Impulse
Age: 15
Past teams: ??
Experience: 2 years