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Welcome To The Site

This is a site for all paintballas. My name is Brian and I'm the captain of Nor*Cal Aftermath. We are a rookie paintball team that plays in Nor Cal. Duh. In other pages you'll see the latest news, our tourney record, our team resume, some pics, and other cool stuff.

Site Ups

I will list all the info that I have changed HERE to keep a record of when it was last updated.

7/17/03 Site created and launched!
7/18/03 Pics added.
7/18/03 Site Finished more to come!
8/3/03 Counter added pics changed
8/16/03 Record changed
10/20/03 Record changed

Contact Me

Team Record

JF Round 4 8/16 5th place

JF Round 5 10/11 3rd place

Off the break
We will be holding a touney shortly, you can either talk to Brian or James for info.

Brian's contacts:
Msn Ms. soccerballs19@hotmail.com
AIM frontballa
Email same as Msn Ms.

James' contacts:
Msn Ms. jcaskey1@hotmail.com
AIM paintmast13
Email same as Msn Ms.